Duke Dumont accuses Zhu of stealing new song, “Nightcrawler”

Duke Dumont accuses Zhu of stealing new song, “Nightcrawler”

Earlier this week everyone’s favorite mystery producer, ZHU, made waves across the internet after releasing his newest original track, “Nightcrawler”. There was a teaser that was released alongside the track and in the video, ZHU takes shots at the biggest names in the scene ranging from Marshmello to Zedd. As if ZHU taking shots at other DJs was not enough English producer, Duke Dumont, came out today and called out ZHU for stealing the “vibe” of one of his demos.

Duke Dumont posted on his Twitter a demo that he created 11 months prior to the release of the ZHU song. According to Dumont, ZHU allegedly stole the vocal hook, vibe, and title for his newest release from Dumont’s album demo track. Dumont stated that the demo track was in the hands of top line writers since last September. He is giving ZHU the benefit of the doubt for this one but the writer for this song is definitely in hot water if this claim turns out to be true.


maart 17th, 2017

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