The Chainsmokers break another massive world record

The Chainsmokers break another massive world record

It seems that whenever an artist’s music starts to pick up speed in the mainstream, their initial community exiles them pretty insanely. The Chainsmokers are the perfect example of this. Alex and Drew are two of the most hardworking and dedicated individuals in the world of music at the moment, and have been for quite some time. They intense work ethic has lead to unimaginable success. The Chainsmokers are everywhere – all over the world, all over the radio, and even all over this website.

Another Record for The Chainsmokers

Today the guys have another world record with a little help from Coldplay. The two teams met up and dropped the incredible collaboration ‘Something Just Like This”. While the track has had it’s fair share of criticism for having a similar arrangement as their hit song ‘Roses’ the pop world does not seem to care. This is especially valid to say as now the track has official collected the most plays in it’s first 24 hours on Youtube. The count came in at just over 9,000,000.

What Does that Mean?

9 million plays in a day is intense. That means the song was streamed 105 times A SECOND for it’s first 24 hours on the video provider. This broke the previous record by hundreds of thousands which was held by Justin Bieber and his track ‘What Do You Mean’. So literally these guys are at JBiebs level. Some might call it a bad thing, but honestly from their perspective I am sure the view from the top looks just find. Congrats to Alex and Drew.


maart 3rd, 2017

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