Birth name
Martin Laukner
03 August 1980
House, Groove, Club, Break Beat,
Years active

It was 1992 when he heard ‘Nightcrawlers – Push the feeling on’ for the first time and he thought –WOW-, what is this music? At that time his interest in music started. First ‘fiddling’ at home with cassette tapes listening to the legendary ‘House Party’ mixes, soon after that (around 1994) he started playing all kinds of music at his high school during monthly parties.

Around 1995 he also started to volunteer at Zaanradio and was involved in lots of radio-shows, in the beginning as the ‘tech guy’ assisting the moderator and later on as DJ presenting radio shows.


In the late 90’s he came in touch with several owners of drive in shows and it didn’t take long before his first ‘booking’ was a fact! His DJ career got a lift in the beginning of 2000 with his first residency at ‘Beachclub Zaandam’ where he played every weekend until the start of 2002. After that he wanted to see more of the Netherlands and meet new crowds so he went back to the drive in show-business traveling to different venues every week for the years to come


In 2004 he joined the Clubnight crew, where first his focus was all-round DJ, Clubnight was house music only! He developed his own style playing uplifting, groovy, funky house music, that was (and is) still one of his favorite styles to play.


In the years to follow he shifted priorities to his ‘other career’ working in the Telecom business when he got the chance to travel through Europe and see countries like Ireland, Switzerland, Romania and Belgium. During all of this travelling he was still involved as a Dj in the weekly Clubnight broadcasts on Zaanradio but being away from home for most of the time the ‘regular Dj-ing’ was put on hold for a while.


At the end 2012 he met the owner of a small Beach-bar in the center of his hometown Zaandam, as he had lots of experience in Dj-ing at Beachclubs and tropical party’s he asked the owner if he could fill in some Saturday evenings for her, this turned out to be a fruitful collaboration and nowadays he is still resident the of ‘Mex Beachbar’, from beginning of 2013 until October 2014 in Zaandam and since November 2014 in Castricum after the Bar moved to a new location.